Can You Make Better Business Decisions ?

Of course you can.

Remember when you were a bit younger, perhaps a new driver with that first car.

The damn thing broke down at ever corner.

That first computer, that never really did ‘transform’ your life or your business.

The school teacher that never delivered, the training package that never really solved your time management problems, your staffing problems, your relationship problems.

Sunk Costs – once gone are gone forever.

They are sunk, the sooner you realise that trying to make that training work, that relationship work, that part of the business work- the better it is for all concerned.

If it’s broken, has not worked, looks like it will not work – – the sooner you leave it and move on, the better it is all round.

Go look at what is working, do more of that.

Ignore some of the stuff that has failed, like is about failure, about things dying, ceasing to exist. Sure, we should always look back and be mindful of what went on in the past, that is what makes us human.

Just don’t live there. Give up trying to make crap ideas/crap things work. Your business and your life deserve more.

Sunk costs, bad ideas, bad planning are given to us for a reason. To show that we attempted something, to show us how not to do things.

The sooner you move forward, and stop doing them the better it is.

Richard – Practical Optimism for Post Covid Business.

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