Sell more, improve your admin and sales processes. Get your website working for you – and more. Guaranteed.

It’s 2022. Nothing is the same.

The one thing that most small business owners miss is this very clear fact. The value of your business is based on the number of customers you have and how often you can get them coming back to spend more money with you.

The customer that you draw into your sales pricess now will obviously make a purchase at some point.

If that customer does not come back to buy from you again, then your acquisition costs for that single customer are horrific.

The evidence for this is all around us, this is exactly the same why the big players in the marketplace, in your marketplace have managed to go from a small business to a big business.

Simply by getting customers to come back and buy more from here.

This means you have a very clear choice, a choice to do exactly the same as every other small business and focus on all of the web-based stuff and hope you don’t get blocked or shocked or locked out by the algorithm.

Or you can take control of your own sales processes by building a retention and engagement process that guarantees multiple sales to the same customers and low cost referrals.

This actually makes business development fun. You can come into the office every morning and work out how best to structure an offer or a deal.

With tools and automation dropped into the mix, you can start to increase the level of sales immediately, and then market offers and deals to your existing customers. Along with the new.

With the use of modern web based technology, this is incredibly easy. Retaining customers and nurturing relationships is the new method of farming for new business instead of hunting.

Hunting for new business – hoping your blow pipe and spears are sharp and ready for work – oh and your prey turns up.

Farming – making sure you can grow and develop your own food, on your terms, leaving little to chance.

Fact is your customers want you to be the trusted supplier, want to business with you – only most small business owners forget to ask and don’t have the technology around to follow up.

I can solve these issues for you. It’s what we do over here.

Make Small Business Great Business – Farming and not Hunting.

Just one of these ‘farming tools’ generates leads after lead, with minimal ongoing work.

Technology, Sales Consultancy, Finance. This is the Ninja treble that makes all the difference.

    Being stealthy. Doing things that others don’t expect, or doing the opposite of others is now a minimum requirement for success online and off.

    Making your business assets and your money work for you should be where you are at. That is why I do two things for my small business clients. Allowing you to build a napalm proof shell for walking down dark alleys in a grim part of town, is where you need to be. Guerilla Marketing – the things that you just don’t or won’t do, with a dollop of automation to make it easier and then the moneystuff – cos that is what we do it for.

    I am the grizzled old pro that helps you do just that. I’ve been online since before online was a thing, when Yahoo was bigger than BA. I ran Adwords before Google, and video when you were doin’ your GCSE’s

    Some small steps showing how I can help solve your problems are below.

    Contact form is at the end. Send me your details and tell me your biggest problem, we can speak on the phone, arrange to meet or do a zoom. See if I can show you the truth.


    1. Calm – everything you do needs be done a calm structured way, based on facts and evidence of what is working now.
    2. Focus – all your work needs to be focused on the business, not the ‘doing’ but the process of more leads, better profits – a ruthless streak.
    3. Understand what tools (weapons) we have and what we should use next.
    4. Be able to act before your competitors do, do something different to reach and build our business – if required bet stealthy and hidden from view.
    5. Definitely not doing the same as everyone else- that’d be mad.
    6. Be fast moving, quick to start and to stop anything that is not working, test everything.
    7. No mindless action – everything needs to be mindful. Do you know the difference?
    8. Be prepared, like a boy scout with the strike once, cool of a Cobra, Attenborough’s voice.
    9. We need to be more ninja but not a superhero – they are for the films.

    Ready to get some of this. Use the form below, give me some alternative times to get in touch. If you want a call today – forget it.

    Ninja’s don’t work like that. We do business on our terms and that is a lesson in itself.