Small Business Ninja is here to make sure you get all of the help and advice you need to develop your small business into something bigger, something more efficient.

Something you can use to fund your lifestyle, to make different choices, to help you along the way to becoming the kind of business owner you want to be.

It’s about systems and processes, about using the internet for leverage and building relationships with your customers, it’s about making the most of your cashflow – or improving the non existent cash flow.

In our new market place we all need to be a bit more Ninja than ever before – quite simply we have to do things in a different way, be more ballsy, make the most of what we have.

That is what Small Business Ninja is all about, being focused and having direction to improve things, not having meeting after meeting with random specialists and hoping one of the has the solution.

This is a done with you option, you learn along on the way and we help you make it pay. It’s not about design or digital, or social. It’s about all of that and more.

Welcome to the results getting, competition killing, be more ‘ffin epic Small Business Ninja.