Can You Make Sure Your Business Sells More?

There are many myths that lie inside small businesses, up and down the country people like you and I start something with the best plans possible.

An understanding of the finances, the service, the how to get it done at a profit. All of these things are worked at, thought over until the point of execution. We start the business.

We then realise that there are some problems. Our baby, this speciali creature we’ve made out of the ether, out of nothing, from a simple idea is not what we expected.

The myths of selling the monsters of selling are not only circling like Golden Eagles on a Rabbit, they are already feasting on the rotting corpse, simply because you and I have ignored some obvious myths.

The Small Business Myth of Pricing.

This myth tells you, can’t charge more than Acme down the road. All of our pricing must match closely or customer won’t buy what we have.

This myth is rubbish, you charge your customers based on your products and services and the margins you want and deserve – don’t think for one moment that all Neurosurgeons charge the same rates – they don’t. Your goods and services are no different. 

The Small Business Myth of Websites

This myth tells you that you need to develop an all singing  and all dancing website that has no more functions than a business card, that can’t be found in a search engine – let alone Google and is based on the assumptions that customers will remember your web address from your marketing and be keen to buy today.

If you got to the end of the paragraph you’ll notice something – I am being brutally honest. But stupidly truthful.

Your small business website needs to include the option to make sales, provide offers and to work for you, earn it’s keep. Thousands do not need to be spent and if they do the money needs to be dragged into the section that can make sales – not look pretty.

The Small Business Myth of Marketing

Your marketing message should be uncomplicated until you have worked out who your market actually is. The easiest way to do this should be simple. Example

Stupidly Special Sausages for less than supermarket clones. Our sausages are made from local sourced pork and specially prepared  herbs and spices, made fresh on the day to taste great, family recipe, money back if not delighted.

Bob’s Family Sausages buy online from

Once that is working for you. That means the returns from the advertising are more than it’s cost you can then start to test against it.

Anything else is a myth.

The Small Business Myth of Selling To Everyone.

If we keep to the sausage product. Who are your customers? 

It can’t be everyone, not everyone eats sausages. Knowing where the sausage eating people hang out, where most people look when they want sausages is the start.

Some people won’t ever buy your sausages, some people don’t eat meat, always shop at x or y shop, alway want beef or chicken – don’t try and sell your sausages to these people.

Once you’ve managed to work through these myths of business you will be in a better position than before to make marketing decisions for your business, and for you. 

As soon as you realise that may need some help on some of this, then get in touch. 


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