Can I Get More Enquiries?

This is the thing that most of my customers want when we first meet. More enquiries, better conversions, more sales.

More often than not, they spend.

Spend on Adwords, spend on social, spend on search marketing. Spend on consultancy, read, learn, soak up webinars and generally faff.

Anything, but look at the core issue. Anything but look at the white space, the bit that needs attention, look at what is really going on.

Because the answer to the more leads, more sales problem is always one of thinking first.

Thinking about what problem it is you solve, who has that problem, where is the ‘white space’ or ‘the gaps in the market place’ the gaps or white space that you can fill.

Where is the low hanging fruit [what a cliche that is]. But this is the thing that most of us [me included – but I am less bad than you] will need to do first.

Focus on the bits that you have not focused on before, taking time to think about what thing has been missed, what marketing, what customer retention, what development you have not done because this is where the solutions are found every time.

You have tried to solve the problem doing something and your find yourself here, with a slump, cashflow problem or something that’s causing you no end of stress.

I absolutely assure you, most problems you have can be solved by having more money, by making more sales – so spending a little time now to look at the spaces you’ve been ignoring makes sense.

Get of the hamster wheel of more action, of more thinking. Get some focus on what will really make the difference.

Look at the things you’ve not done, not focused on, not examined yet and get some thinking done in that area first.

Be quiet, meditate, be calm and genuinely think about what it is you’ve missed.

And then get in touch. Tell me about it. And I’ll show you how to move to the next stage.

Easy, innit.


PS When you are ready to get a shimmy on, get in touch. Do it today and I’ll diary it for a week or so, for when you finish your thinking, you’ll get a lot more out of my solutions then.