Why Ninja

What do I mean by Ninja

  1. Calm – everything you do needs be done a calm structured way, based on facts and evidence of what is working now.
  2. Focus – all of our work together needs to be focused on the needs of the business, more leads, better profits – a ruthlessness streak
  3. Understand what tools (weapons) we have and should use next.
  4. Be able to act before our competitors do, do something different to reach and build our business – if required bet stealthy and hidden from view
  5. Not doing the same as everyone else- that’d be mad.
  6. Be fast moving, quick to start and to stop anything that is not working, test everything.
  7. Not mindless action – everything needs to be mindful. Do you know the difference.
  8. Be prepared, like a boy scout killer.
  9. We need be more ninja but not a superhero – they are for TV/Film

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Ninja’s don’t work like that.