Leads, your business, local sales.

There is a more natural way to increase sales.

For most small business owners, it is a question of what should you do and what will it cost?

The answers are not always forthcoming.

I do something quite a bit different. Sure I can help you generate leads, raise the profile, help you do more with what you have (existing customers etc) but I also show you what I do. To help you grow in to a Ninja Business owner.

I am a bit like Jesus in your very own Bible Story – in that I solve problems, get stuff done.

Some of these things are straightforward and some not so. But if you’ve managed to get here, to this page, then you have most of what you need to know .

Doing business in a more natural way – using the tools we all use, the internet, Google, social media, watching videos and then using the leverage of email or direct mail [yup that still works]. To …

Build relationships, to work on the marriage as it were. To sell new ideas, to show news ways of your customers doing more with what you sell/do is how business is being done. Trust, is the natural way, building trust is quite straightforward.

In the short video below, I have case study, so you can see how this is working for a real life client of mine, who is doing more business than ever, because of this more natural way.

By focusing on a small area, your local area it’s possible for you to dominate, to the one firm that is found more often. This is good for the environment, good for profits and is a far less stressful way of doing business.

In the main, getting more leads is about several things. All of which I help you with.

  • Being found online
  • Google My Business Listing – working
  • Having an Online Shop [E-commerce]
  • Growing a list of customers
  • Engaging with them
  • Joint Venture Partners
  • Being Omnipresent – appearing everywhere you possibly can.

Without being a complete arse about this, much of this is straight forward and does not need thousands of pounds throwing at it. It is simple, but not easy until you know how. Which is where my Ninja support comes to save you.

Perhaps you are not ready to move on some of this. In which case, thanks for popping by, get in touch when you are ready to move.

If you want to know more, use the form, get in touch. Give me some times to call, don’t phone me – it doesn’t work like that.

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