Leads, your business, local sales.

Sell more, at higher prices, improve profits, improve your admin and sales processes. That all sounds really great, but how.

You know that in 2022. Nothing is the same as it was and it’s likely to get worse, and that some people in your industry are having a result like never before, well I know the reasons.

Two of them are below.

Google – knowing how to make this work for you.

Retention – getting customers back to buy more, to pay more for the same work.

So these are things I focus on, low hanging fruit. The 20 in the 80/20.

If you didn’t know it Google Business Listings are the go to tool for Google, this is the one they like. If they like it, there is a reason for it – because it works.

For you, it’s possible to share the love with yourself by getting this one thing right.

Google Business Listings

  • Promoted by Google
  • Used verified reviews – promise of quality/ratings
  • Guaranteed visits and site views with a high profile in search
  • Long lasting – once listed and used they stay at the top
  • Lowest costs new leads you’ll ever have
  • Your listing only needs to be better than the competition

A Customer Retention Plan

Getting new customers is expensive, getting existing customers coming back is dirt cheap.

  • Cross selling opportunities
  • Upgrades and repeat sales/orders
  • Able to send reminders, ask for referrals, update on new services
  • 80/20 sales and marketing finding out who your best customers are
  • Options for joint venture marketing
  • Free from spending on shit social media/Google positioning if you own your client bank
  • You can treat customers like you care, not like the mate that never calls.
  • Makes business really predictable

These two areas of business development are not expensive to implement but make sense over the short and medium term. With the available technology it is made far easier than it once was.

Both of these things free you up from chasing business to getting business coming to you and is helped by the worlds biggest search engine.

Importantly, the retention plan is what you customers want from you. They want to hear from you, want to know what new products you have, what problems you can solve.

The one thing that most small business owners miss is this very clear fact. The value of your business is based on the number of customers you have and how often you can get them coming back to spend more money with you.

The customer that you draw into your sales pricess now will obviously make a purchase at some point. If that customer does not come back to buy from you again, then your acquisition costs for that single customer are horrific.

The evidence for this is all around us, this is exactly the same why the big players in the marketplace, in your marketplace have managed to go from a small business to a big business, simply by getting customers to come back and buy more from here.

Get in touch today, we can schedule a call and I can walk you through some of these ideas and show you how to get get the tech working for you.

If you are still not convinced there there is more evidence below.

    This means you have a very clear choice, a choice to do exactly the same as every other small business and focus on all of the web-based stuff and hope you don’t get blocked or shocked or locked out by the algorithm. Or you can take control of your own sales processes by building a retention and engagement process that guarantees multiple sales to the same customers and low cost referrals.

    This actually makes business development fun. You can come into the office every morning and work out how best to structure an offer or a deal. With tools and automation dropped into the mix, you can start to increase the level of sales immediately, and then market offers and deals to your existing customers. Along with the new.

    With the use of modern web based technology, this is incredibly easy. Retaining customers and nurturing relationships is the new method of farming for new business instead of hunting.

    Hunting for new business – hoping your blow pipe and spears are sharp and ready for work, oh and hoping your prey turns up.

    Farming – making sure you can grow and develop your own food, on your terms, leaving little to chance.

    Fact is your customers want you to be the trusted supplier, want to business with them – only most small business owners forget to ask and don’t have the technology around.

    I can solve these issues for you. It’s what we do over here.

    Make Small Business Great Business – Farming and not Hunting.

    Just one of these ‘farming tools’ generates leads after lead, with minimal ongoing work.

    There is a more natural way to increase sales.

    For most small business owners, it is a question of what should you do and what will it cost?

    The answers are not always forthcoming.

    I do something quite a bit different. Sure I can help you generate leads, raise the profile, help you do more with what you have (existing customers etc) but I also show you what I do. To help you grow in to a Ninja Business owner.

    I am a bit like Jesus in your very own Bible Story – in that I solve problems, get stuff done.

    Some of these things are straightforward and some not so. But if you’ve managed to get here, to this page, then you have most of what you need to know .

    Doing business in a more natural way – using the tools we all use, the internet, Google, social media, watching videos and then using the leverage of email or direct mail [yup that still works]. To …

    Build relationships, to work on the marriage as it were. To sell new ideas, to show news ways of your customers doing more with what you sell/do is how business is being done. Trust, is the natural way, building trust is quite straightforward.

    In the short video below, I have case study, so you can see how this is working for a real life client of mine, who is doing more business than ever, because of this more natural way.

    By focusing on a small area, your local area it’s possible for you to dominate, to the one firm that is found more often. This is good for the environment, good for profits and is a far less stressful way of doing business.

    In the main, getting more leads is about several things. All of which I help you with.

    • Being found online
    • Google My Business Listing – working
    • Having an Online Shop [E-commerce]
    • Growing a list of customers
    • Engaging with them
    • Joint Venture Partners
    • Being Omnipresent – appearing everywhere you possibly can.

    Without being a complete arse about this, much of this is straight forward and does not need thousands of pounds throwing at it. It is simple, but not easy until you know how. Which is where my Ninja support comes to save you.

    Perhaps you are not ready to move on some of this. In which case, thanks for popping by, get in touch when you are ready to move.

    If you want to know more, use the form, get in touch. Give me some times to call, don’t phone me – it doesn’t work like that.

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