Can You Make Your Small Business Work Harder?

Before your business can be a big business it has to be a small business. That’s obvious right!

A small business that is successful could become a large business over a relatively short period of time and the evidence for this is everywhere – think Amazon or Kylie Kardashian who have both done great things in a short period of time.

By short period I do mean five to ten years – because this is how long it takes to create a presence in a market place and then star to dominate it – this is how long it takes to work out a position, to create the systems needed to take on the world.

Sure, it can be done in less. Branson does it all the time but he chooses to enter into a market that is already working, already taking money – and creates a competing brand.

I am not saying either model is correct. Just that there are models to use.

I’ve said before. This is, today is, this year is the greatest time to be alive and the greatest time to start a business. The technology is available for us all to use and for us all to use, you can be negative or positive about it, choose to use what’s available or moan. I don’t care – not really. Because your choices don’t affect me.

Make Your Business Work Harder

In all our businesses we have systems of processes that do repetitive things, make widgets, move boxes from a to b. Create a cake, pour a pint. All of these are systems we use.

Business is boring. In the main they are a series of tasks that you complete for a profit.

Where they become interesting is when you start to look at these tasks, turn then into a ritual or very specific, tuned process. Then they become really interesting. Making small changes means you can fine tune these into something that is more efficient. Examples…

Kylie K – doesn’t sell any products directly – only via other retailers, meaning there is no need for her to have her own outlets, and product is dropped directly from the maker of her product into the retailer – all she needs to focus on is the ritual of marketing.

Bezos – Amazon uses technology to do the lifting of selling, and large warehouses where stock is kept, where retailers pay to have their stock held for them – benefits all round with this technology.

Both are billionaires with companies that are successful.

At some point in the past, both have looked at their processes, and make small changes that have made a massive difference, that have transformed the lives of everyone around them and themselves.

When you get into the office tomorrow, instead of jumping into the fire of work and being bounced around everywhere – trying to work with the crises that always appear – take a few minutes out to breath and think about what you could have changed last week in order to avoid what is happening today.

Think about what has gone wrong, what part of the process has failed, and then in a calm way write that down, let your headspace think about that – and let it come up with some tweaks to the system, some adaptations that could change everything.

You might not have an answer today, but you will have an answer.

This is the tool you need to make your business work harder, your website, your social media, your marketing, you staff or your cash flow all secondary to your headspace. Because that is where things have to change first.


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